Since I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding my trip to Ios last summer, from both norwegians and people from english speaking countries, I’ve decided to make a english post about my trip. At first me and my bestie actually thought we would have this nice, relaxing trip to Santorini. It wasn’t until we looked up the distance from Santorini’s airport to our hotel we noticed that we wouldn’t stay in Santorini, but we were actually heading over to another island, haha. The trip was already booked, so we decided to let the travel agency arrange the transport (this was also cheaper, and we travelled with Apollo).

When you arrive Santorini there is this really small airport, so you just grab your bag and walk outside where you will be guided to your bus. The bus takes you to the ferry, and the ferry takes you over to Ios, and some people are going further, to for example Naxos and Mykonos. NOTE: some ferries does not accept credit cards, so be prepared and bring ca$h.


When you arrive Ios, you will also be transported over to your hotel. We stayed at Marcos Beach, which by the name is BY THE BEACH, but some people mix it up with another hotel up in the village lol. I really recommend this hotel, the staff working here were lovely! Jackie (hotel owner) took so much care of us, and they were always so helpful no matter what we asked for. We walked down to the beach which took us about 3 minutes, and we could walk up to the village, but we preferred taxi or bus since we’re some lazy asses.

Like I mentioned earlier, we actually thought we would have this relaxing vacation, right? Well we had some relaxing days, but the nights were crazy. Some of the days we went out to day drink, either at Hermes Pool Bar, or FarOut Beach Club. Both of the places are literally perfect for day drinks. FarOut is a bit more «party party», while Hermes is a bit laid back. On mondays there’s BBQ, and I really recommend it.

There is also a lot of organized events during both night- and daytimes, like Swedish day, Aussie day, Norwegians day and so on..This is pretty much days where everyone celebrates one nation, if that makes any sense. FarOut got some pretty cool DJ’s playing like Will Sparks, Tigerlily and NERVO during the summer, just to mention some.

To navigate yourself around the island I would highly recommend renting either a quad bike or a scooter. We chose quad bike, simply because we thought it was cooler, haha. We drove about 40-50 minutes over to Manganari beach, which was a nice and quiet beach. Crystal clear water and a small taverna, a perfect detox day. If you just rent a quad bike/scooter, you can discover many cool places where you can for example cliff dive.

Harmony is a Mexican restaurant with acai bowls, nachos, drinks, hammocks, yoga, live music +++. ALSO THEY ARRANGE FLOATOPIA! Okay.. you probably think, what the fu*k is floatopia? Let me just tell you – you won’t miss it (I missed it though haha). But the concept is easy, you simply buy yourself anything that can float like a mattress or a donut or anything, bring it over to Harmony, walk down to the sea and floooat. We made our own floatopia since we missed the arranged one, we were four people floating and relaxing, and it all ended with me being plunged in land by a big wave, and getting small scratches all over my body.


The bars mostly have their own concept, whether it’s slap shots (you get slapped in the face right after you’ve finished your shot), roll the dice (if you roll higher than the bartender, your drink/shot is free) or slammed (you get slammed in the head by either a skateboard, baseball batter and so on..) and it’s so fun, haha. I love the variation between all the places!

One of the best things about Ios is all the amazing and beautiful legends you get to meet. This is me and Greta from Australia, which I’m overjoyed I got to meet, literally can’t wait to finally see her again (and of course everyone else). I also met people from New York, New Zealand, South Africa and so on, really cool.

We thought Ios were so good (and we missed the awesome human beings there), so we actually booked a new trip already five days after our homecoming. Definitely worth it! If you got any questions do not hesitate to ask ♥ I highly recommend this beautiful paradise.